Testimonial from Kim, Nursing Administrator“I have patients that don’t have Heritage… and the med errors they have because [their] pharmacy making simple mistakes….
Oh my goodness, I just wish all my consumers had Heritage.
It would make life so much easier.”

– Kim, Nursing Specialist for the DD Community

Reclaim Hours of Staff Time and Wasted Operations Budget…

…when you download our 3 Overlooked Strategies to Running the Smoothest Facility.  Squelch liability land mines, Reclaim your hours, and Lead a Team that takes Ownership!

A guide for ICFs and DD Facilities

Facilities communication with staff

Great Communication
From Your Staff Is Fantastic.

Communication Like This?
Not Really…

When Heritage fills your facility’s orders— triple-checking against their own acclaimed accurate MARs— there’s no more having to deal with time-draining errors and the stress they create.

You can take back precious productivity time and enjoy your weekends again.

A Pharmacy Built for the Developmentally Disabled Community

There’s not another pharmacy like Heritage.

Independently owned and widely renown for extraordinary customer service.

How does Heritage consistently achieve such top-notch satisfaction (and stress-reduction)?

There’s no real trick to it. It takes what you’d think it would take: hard work, an impeccable eye for details (in fact, quite a few sets of eyes), humility to know when things can be better, and constantly taking action to improve.

We simply want to always Keep the
Main Thing the Main Thing:

Reliable, Top-Notch, Quality Care.

When we focus on this, everything else seems to have
a peculiar way of falling right into place.

Just Some of The Ways Heritage Makes Life Easier for

Patients, Caregivers & Administrators

Med Supplies = More Savings

Cut thousands off of your annual operations budget when you allow us to take care of medical supply needs. Supplies and Meds in the same package, covered by Medicare/Medicaid.

Never Come Up Short

How much do you sweat when you or your staff discovers your meds have come up 1 dose short? Or even been missing an entire package? Heritage-supplied patients have their meds, every month, every day.

EMARs: Precise AND Affordable

EMAR accuracy is crucial. Simply put, not having the most accurate records is a huge liability (no one wants liability). That’s why we set EMAR standards, for both accuracy and affordability.

Everyone On Speed Dial

Right off the top of your head, you could list 3, 4, or 5 different people to have “in the loop.”  However, keeping them in the loop—that’s tough!  We connect directly with the Physician, your staff, and you!

Clockwork Delivery

And even ahead of time!  You and your staff can finally put an end to chaotic scrambling at the end of the month.  Meds, supplies, and easy-to-follow guides, every month… like clockwork.

Billing Made Easy

Would you hire an airline pilot to do your taxes? Of course not. There are pro’s that do that.  Too often though, staff are forced to take on billing!  Get them back to providing care!

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