Heritage Pharmacy’s Optimization eGuide for Group Homes and Facilities:

Neutralize Liabilities,  Reclaim Your Time,
and Lead A Team That Takes More Ownership

Many things came with the territory that were not in your job description.

A guide for ICFs and DD Facilities

That’s okay, because you love what you do and you make a difference in people’s lives.  But no one told you about all the times you would be shifting your attention on a whim or the fires you’d have to put out off-hours.

Those are the reasons why we’ve created this free 3-Tips eGuide for CEOs, Nursing Administrators, and Facility Managers.

Download it today to learn how to…

  • Avoid this huge—yet still rampant—liability at all costs, but more importantly,
  • …pointers that help you slam shut the leaky liability gaps.
  • The productivity myth Administrators and Nursing Specialists still believe.  Stop believing it. It’s tanking your productivity.
  • Put an end to missing out on crucial insight that you could be collecting and using to implement tweaks.
  • The ONE Question to ask to empower your staff to stop sitting on the sidelines and take more ownership of your individuals.

Download the 3-Tips Guide

For Group Homes & Facilities

A 3-Point Cheat Sheet to Neutralize Liabilities, Reclaim Your Time, and Lead A Team That Takes More Ownership


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