Long Term Care Facilities Count on Heritage

We help make it possible for long term care facilities

to drastically reduce their operating costs and

free up staff time to simply focus on better care.

Something A Little Different Than What You’d Expect

Our pharmacy serves the long term care community in a much different fashion than our corporate counterparts.

That mantra of “it’s just always been done that way” doesn’t sit well with us.

We are specific to our service areas to provide the highest service standard available.

We provide the benefit of being able to offer Long Term Care Facilities a “One Stop Shop” through not only medications, but a full line of medical supplies.

Our Pharmacy and Medical Services Include:

  • Medication Packaging
  • Electronic Medication Administration System (EMAR)
  • Medical Supplies
  • State-of-the-Art Starter Cart
    • Eliminates long waiting times on new or changed orders
    • Provides all meds specific to the facilities’ past and current needs
    • Organized accountability system for facility records
  • Delivery schedules and planning that work for any facility staff
  • Quality Pharmacist Reviews

Learn why so many Ohio LTCFs save thousands in their first year of our Long Term Care program. Contact us so we can custom tailor a plan for you.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated

and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Suess

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